Welcome to a journey that awakens your passion, reveals your wisdom and activates your greatness. Your journey contains the following major components. Each component brings your life to a new level of fulfillment and mastery.

Together we use new resources to strengthen you, sustain your forward movement and see you to your destination.


1. The Great You

You know there is more to you than you are expressing.

Through our work, you become fully conscious of just how amazing you are. You tap into your inherent greatness.

Together we clarify your core strengths. We uncover your special gifts and let them shine.

Thriving is your birthright. Playing small benefits no one. You are on this planet to live fully and grow into your potential.

We use the Enneagram to illuminate your strengths, challenges and relationship dynamics. The Enneagram is a unique personality system that helps you determine your personality and understand your motivations, core beliefs, coping strategies and path of development. It is based on ancient wisdom and identifies the same 9 personalities that show up in the writings of Homer and Dante. It is a fascinating tool used by coaches, therapists and spiritual directors that enlightens your journey in multiple ways.


2. What's wrong?

What's not working in your life? What inspires you to change?

Knowing the problem is the first step to mastering your life.

When you look deeply into your life, you find patterns and reactive habits that keep you stuck. Coaching opens new options and builds strong, sustainable life skills to move you forward.


3. Becoming whole

Unite values and action.

Let your life live up to your dreams—it's the best work you'll ever do.

Realize what happens when you get wrapped up in everyday living and ignore what's most important.

Notice how your life runs on automatic and your hope for a better future dims.

The good news: You have the power to change all that. Unite your values and your action. You can be whole, fulfilled and energized.


4. Vision

What if you went on a trip but didn't know where you were going?

That's how life is without a vision.

Without a vision you cannot articulate what you deeply want. You feel frustrated but do not allow yourself to imagine what is possible.      

However, you can be proactive. You can discover what you deeply want and create a vision of your ideal life.

Decide how you want to feel, act and be in your life.

Unlock the key elements that differentiate your current life from your ideal life.


5. Hear your Calling, Find your Purpose

When your life is a far cry from what you want, you feel discouraged. You don't know how to change it.

With my coaching you get specific exercises that awaken your heartfelt longings and point to your calling.

You learn to attend to the little voices you hear, because they are speaking to you from deep inside. You develop the art of inner listening.

You learn to be a detective, gathering clues and finding the path to your best life.

You Find your Purpose.


6. The Missing Peace

You cannot thrive when there are warring factions within you.

When your time and energy are splintered by “shoulds”, you cannot soar.

Finding the balance between responsibility to others and honoring yourself is essential. Your response ability to inner and outer urgings brings it all together.

Making peace with yourself also means accepting what you don't like about yourself. We are all a mixture of positive and negative. As amazing as we are, there are parts of us we don't like.

Befriending your anger, discouragement and pain reconciles them to your best self. Just as you would reach out to a friend in need, you can learn compassion for your own feelings, and not be encumbered by them. Learn to manage your feelings and challenges, and you will become more capable and assured.

Peace adds a dimension to your life that money can't buy, but it profits you exponentially.

Peace + Purpose = Power


7. Chart your course

Now, put all that you have discovered into a plan.

Explore practical ways to incorporate your calling into reality—a reality that feeds your soul. Learn how to put your unique talents and resources into action.

Map your course of action on your Map to Fulfillment.  

Set goals and achievable action steps. Take those steps and see positive results.


8. Deal with challenges

All journeys face challenges. It is easy to stall out when the going gets tough.

That's when your end goal gets clouded and your progress falters.

That's why it is so important to have support to overcome obstacles and stay motivated.

I keep you on track and enthused.

Remember, you are meant for something special.

My support lets you meet challenges with ingenuity and resourcefulness. Together we deal with obstacles, make course corrections, and keep moving forward.


9. Thrive forever

Now that you have integrated the most important elements into your life and set it on course, learn how to sustain it.

Your life philosophy guides your decisions and behavior. Pull your life philosophy and resources together in one beautiful packet that will nourish you for years to come. 

This packet holds your writings and inspirations, your clarity and wisdom. It is your sustenance going forward.