Ready to come into your own?
Coaching is a value-packed investment in yourself.



Coaching by Design Program

In this program your special interests are woven into a custom blend of coaching topics to meet your needs. Pick from The 9 Components – or tailor your own focus that is out-of-the-box original, creative and energizing. Coaching by Design lasts as long as you want.


First Flight Program

  • The Great You
  • What's wrong?
  • Becoming Whole


Peace Program

  • Vision
  • Hear Your Calling, Find Your Purpose
  • The Missing Peace


Enhanced Program

  • Chart your course
  • Deal with challenges
  • Thrive on!


The First Flight,  Peace & Enhanced programs are each designed for 6 sessions over 3 months. Integration of the material often takes longer; coaching can be extended.



  •    Free FRESH START session to learn about the programs 
  •    A journal for successes and inspiration
  •    1 hour sessions
  •    A dynamic map for your unique journey 
  •    Energizing strategy sessions
  •    E-mail support between sessions
  •    Major doses of enCouragement

Coaching is in person, by phone or by internet-based call such as Skype or Facetime. Nancy's office is at 142-D South Cardigan Way, Mooresville, NC 28117.